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5 looks for 5
festive tinder dates

This is what to wear on a Tinder date this Christmas

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netflix & chill

When you’ve got a netflix & chill date on the cards, you can y’know, just watch netflix and chill with some snacks….So you’re gonna wanna look good but be comfy too, right? Stick a Christmas flick on (we’re still totally in love with Love Actually…), dial for pizza and snuggle up in a comfy cable jumper layered over a slick velvet bodysuit.

party all night

We’ve all been on those super fun party-all-night kind of dates and they usually go one of two ways; you either wanna see him again and carry on the party, or you realise he’s probably not quite boyfriend material but you had a wild time and are glad you went anyway. Whichever it turns out to be, you’re gonna wanna look hot. A pair of wide leg trousers over a bandage bodysuit will definitely do the trick, especially during the festive season when everyone’s in party mode.

skating on ice

If you’ve found yourself a Tinder date who’s suggested a festive trip to an ice skating rink, we reckon you’ve potentially got yourself a keeper (and bonus points if he buys you a mulled wine). It’s more than likely you’ll move onto a bar after you’ve finished ice skating, so make sure you’ve got a jumper dress and full-length coat to keep you warm on the ice, but a killer pair of heels to take you to the bar.

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the awkward meal

OK, so he’s on the verge of tears explaining to you how unlucky in love he is and telling the story of how his last three dates did a runner on him…don’t worry, all is not lost. As soon as you get chance, ditch him, call the girls and get yourselves to the nearest bar. A wide leg trouser look worn with an ab revealing crop top means you can go from awkward meal to an unexpected night out with the girls without having to go home and change. Sorted.

the too drunk date

You’ve dressed to impress (hence the seriously awesome playsuit) but accidently got too drunk, forgotten your dates name and spilt wine all over him before he made his excuses and left. Don’t worry, at least you’ve got a bangin’ look to wear to your works Christmas party, right?